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Tell Wage Board to Raise the Wage!


Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a plan to dramatically raise pay for hundreds of thousands of fast-food workers across New York state.

This is what happens when workers join together, go on strike, and demand $15.

Our two and a half year movement for $15 and union rights has changed the politics of the country, and made $15 a baseline for what working people need to support themselves and their families. In response, the governor of New York has convened a three-person Wage Board to decide on a substantial increase in fast-food worker pay.

What happens next is up to us.

Let’s make New York the first state in the union with a $15 wage for fast-food workers.

Sign below and tell the Wage Board it is time for $15 in New York. Help the Fight for $15 win fast-food workers’ most important victory yet by signing on right now.

To: The New York State Wage Board:
All fast-food workers deserve $15 an hour. I call on the New York Wage Board to raise fast-food wages in New York state to $15 today so fast-food workers can pay their rent and feed their families.

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