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Immigrant NYers Denounce NY Senate "Trump Provision"

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March 15, 2016 

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Immigrant New Yorkers and Allies Denounce NY Senate Republican “Trump Provision” in Budget Proposal

With New Anti-Immigrant Provision, New York Senate Republicans Show Intention to Become the Party of Trump



New York, NY (3/15/16) – Following New York’s Senate Republicans’ passage of an anti-immigrant budget proposal to deny state funding to any locality that seeks to improve public safety by limiting cooperation with immigration enforcement, immigrant New Yorkers and allies denounced Senate Republicans for embracing the xenophobic demagoguery of presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Javier H. Valdés, Make the Road Action’s Co-Executive Director, said, “It’s tragic to see that New York’s Senate Republicans are doubling down to become the Party of Trump. This deeply irresponsible budget proposal would both keep cities and counties from exercising necessary discretion to protect public safety and require these localities to violate immigrant New Yorkers’ rights. Their ‘Trump provision’ seeks to target immigrants throughout our state by preventing local governments from exercising the discretion that law enforcement and civic leaders around the country have found critical to preserve the trust between communities and the police. This hate-filled proposal seeks to fan the flames of anti-immigrant sentiment in New York, just as Mr. Trump has done across the country. The ‘Trump provision’ will not become law, but it will strike fear in immigrant families across our state. Our communities will fight back and demonstrate their growing political power in this year’s upcoming elections.”

Bill Lipton, Director of New York’s Working Families Party, said, “Senate Republicans’s new ‘Trump provision’ has demonstrated their willingness to hold local government budgets across the state hostage to their pro-Trump agenda. Instead of calling out Mr. Trump for his hateful rhetoric and mass deportations proposals, Senator John Flanagan and his fellow Republicans have embraced his strategy of targeting immigrants in a desperate ploy to energize the anti-immigrant fringe within their party before the competitive 2016 state elections. Their strategy is morally bankrupt, and the good people of New York will not let them succeed.”

The Senate Republican’s “Trump Provision” provision would prohibit any local discretion in dealings with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, despite research finding such local discretionary policies to be critical for ensuring the trust between communities and police necessary for effective community policing. Several hundred localities across the nation—including New York City and Suffolk County on Long Island—have limited cooperation with ICE because such cooperation is toxic to community-police trust and, as federal courts have concluded, leads to the violation of residents’ due process rights. The “Trump Provision” would strip such localities of all state funding unless they change their policies.

Moreover, the “Trump Provision” would effectively impose an unfunded mandate on local governments across New York State, by requiring them to provide resources to collaborate with ICE without reimbursement. Policies to limit cooperation with ICE have been adopted by Democrats and Republicans in New York and nationwide because of ICE’s unconstitutional mandates and the way in which collaboration between local law enforcement and ICE undermines effective community policing.

The “Trump Provision” in the State Senate’s budget builds upon a similarly anti-immigrant proposal introduced by Senator Tom Croci in late 2015 and supported by other Republicans, including Senator Jack Martins. Long Island’s Republican delegation, with Senator John Flanagan at the helm, have taken the lead in embracing the anti-immigrant strategy of Mr. Trump and inserting the ‘Trump provision’ into the State budget negotiations.

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