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Endorsements 2014 NYC

If we want affordable housing and good wages....

....then we need elected officials who are committed to serving all of us. Our State Senate and Assembly can determine how affordable housing is built, if the NY DREAM ACT finally passes, if we are able to raise the minimum wage, how our schools are funded and much more. (Haz clic para leer en Español)

The most important elections in NYC happen in September.  On September 9th members of the Democratic Party vote for who will be on their ballot in the final election in November. The vast majority of the time the person who wins the September primary election wins the general election. So if you are a registered Democrat mark your calendars for September 9th and tell your family to join you and vote. 

Make the Road Action Fund members have interviewed candidates from around the city and Long Island and developed a list of candidates who are worthy of your votes. 

In the NYC primary election we are endorsing in the following races. Click on each candidate's name to learn more about them. Enter your address here to see which districts you live in and find your polling place.




Click here to see all of our endorsements. 

Are you getting ready to vote on September 9th?

If you are not able to vote in this election because you aren't a registered Democrat or you are not a US citizen you can still make a difference. Please help spread the word by sharing our endorsements with your friends and neighbors.

See you at the polls September 9th. If you'd like to volunteer email


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