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NJ Families Fight Back: a Platform

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The new federal administration has launched unprecedented attacks on immigrant and working-class communities. Every day, many of us in New Jersey wake up in fear of being separated from our families, losing our health insurance or being stripped of our hard-earned workplace protections. Given the federal climate, New Jersey must take substantial steps to use its state powers to protect immigrants, workers and vulnerable populations, enhance public safety and create a stronger economy for all. We – immigrants and workers – provide critical support to New Jersey’s economy through our employment and tax contributions. Census records show that in the past year, New Jersey lost 227,000 residents to other states but attracted over 60,000 new immigrants over the same period.1 Over one million of New Jersey’s immigrants are naturalized citizens, forming a growing part of the electorate.2 We believe that our liberties and rights should be protected, and the state of New Jersey must use its power to reject repressive immigration enforcement policies that break up our communities, and protect our rights in the workplace. New Jersey is stronger when it embraces its diversity and champions the contributions of all its residents.

Nedia Morsy speaking at press conference

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