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"Don't Deport our Dad"

Every night Jeffrey opens the window and cries looking for his daddy. Because ICE took him away. 

ICE agents showed up at Julio Cesar Acosta's home on Long Island to take him away from his partner Deysi. Their two small children, Jeffrey and Julio Jr., were left crying and inconsolable.  Even though she was not due until the week after, the trauma of seeing her world crumbling around her resulted in Deysi giving birth to their third son, Christopher, now two weeks old.

Send a message to ICE by signing our petition. Julio must be reunited with his family. 

While the Obama administration has said it's changed enforcement priorities away from separating families, Julio Cesar's detention shows that ICE is still tearing apart the families the administration has pledged to leave alone. Family members with old, minor convictions should not be deported blindly; their connection to family and community, and their valiant efforts to turn their lives around and become role models needs to be taken into account.

We are doing everything we can to bring Julio Cesar back to his family where he belongs, as we also work for immigration policies that protect all communities. Can we count on you to stand up for Julio's family with us?






 Video by Jeremy Robins/ Echoes of Incarceration Project.

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